• Spring/Summer 2018
The next chapter of the John Varvatos Artisan story, Artisan Pure, transports the heritage and artistry of the John Varvatos brand to the verdant hills surrounding Xalapa, Mexico and its vast coffee and citrus groves.
'Wild at Heart'
The urban romantic man, mused on the duality of effortless elegance, is brought center stage in this Fall/Winter 2017 Collection to reveal his most mysterious and inscrutable traits. Initiated down the runway is a nonchalant conceptualization of styles embodying both a rich histo...
John Varvatos has tapped the LA-based rhythm & blues band, Vintage Trouble, to appear in his much-celebrated music campaign series, bringing their foot-stomping rhythm and infectiously irrepressible mood to electrify the new Spring Campaign in a video featuring their upcoming son...
• Spring/Summer 2017
If the artisanal character of Provence was cast evenly over a sprawling metropolis, a fresh kind of elegance would emerge‹a complex, yet effortless muse with edges both hard and soft. This very muse inspired John Varvatos to conjure the silhouettes and textures of his Spring 2017...
• Fall/Winter 2016
John Varvatos utilizes the Fall/Winter 2016 season to transform the way clothing is unveiled and understood, and to raise the question is rock dead? Rock extends beyond a genre or a moment and embodies a lifestyle unlike any other—but that way of life is threatened by a modern ob...
John Varvatos Artisan Blu takes the heritage and artistry of the John Varvatos collection deep into the Mediterranean Sea. John Varvatos Artisan Blu combines a revitalizing blend of citrus and fresh herbs with woody accents for a refreshing crisp aroma, encompassing the crystal b...
• Spring/Summer 2016
In the early ‘70s, Southern California saw an influx of British rock stars, all brandishing iconic flamboyance and dandy-informed style. Legends like Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Page, and Keith Richards—the latter a source of both personal style and design inspiration for JV—were drawn ...