• Fall/Winter 2020
• Autumn/Winter 2020
This season there was one photograph which was the first to make it onto my inspiration wall and unusually, it was also the last to remain and the image that I referred to as I was putting the final looks together for the show.
• Summer 2020
The past of the future, now becoming then. The notion of the relic – the idea of constant evolution, investigation and creation of history – sits behind every haute couture maison.
• Spring/Summer 2020
Populating the LOEWE Men’s Spring Summer 2020 show space inside the auditorium of the Maison de l’UNESCO, nine works by the London-based artist Hilary Lloyd are shown on monitors mounted on vertical chrome columns and trolleys.
: Spring/Summer 2020
• Spring/Summer 2020
Bringing dreams into everyday life, painting the urban reality with new colours, suggesting new attitudes and emotions, and an unexpected lightness of spirit.
• Spring/Summer 2020
Style is instantly recognizable, yet indefinable. For Spring/Summer 2020, BOSS travels from New York to the Italian fashion capital of Milan, where our shared passions for craftsmanship and personal expression through style come together in a new collection: BOSS Individuals.