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• Spring/Summer 2020
Style is instantly recognizable, yet indefinable. For Spring/Summer 2020, BOSS travels from New York to the Italian fashion capital of Milan, where our shared passions for craftsmanship and personal expression through style come together in a new collection: BOSS Individuals.
Prada Men’s Fall/Winter 2018 fashion show transmits the idea of its multiple identities. Just like in a warehouse, everything is catalogued and stored. All have its own identity through the I.D. code and label, making the theme of the entire collection both simple yet complex.
'Wild at Heart'
The urban romantic man, mused on the duality of effortless elegance, is brought center stage in this Fall/Winter 2017 Collection to reveal his most mysterious and inscrutable traits. Initiated down the runway is a nonchalant conceptualization of styles embodying both a rich histo...
• Autumn/Winter 2016
September 7th, 2016 — Tom Ford presented his much anticipated Men’s and Women’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Collections in New York City this evening. The presentation took place during an intimate dinner in the landmark Seagram Building at 99 East 52nd Street. It is the first event to be...
• Fall/Winter 2016
For Fall/Winter 2016, rag & bone explores the concept of individuality while delivering a collection rife in the brand’s key tenets. Authenticity and craftsmanship are paramount while quintessential themes such as military, workwear, British tailoring and sport are given a modern...
• Spring/Summer 2016
In the early ‘70s, Southern California saw an influx of British rock stars, all brandishing iconic flamboyance and dandy-informed style. Legends like Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Page, and Keith Richards—the latter a source of both personal style and design inspiration for JV—were drawn ...
• Spring/Summer 2016
FLAGS AND AIRCRAFT LACOSTE Artistic Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista turned the ballet of national flags into a strong graphic statement. Cuts have been dictated by the geometry of banners – lines, triangles, lozenges, the horizontal Y of South Africa.
• Spring/Summer 2016
Alexander Wang’s Spring 2016 menswear collection takes municipal uniforms as a starting point, and refines and elevates these stereotypical blue-collar influences. The collection further explores an ironic play between sponsorship branding and anonymity. Immediate references are ...