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• Fall/Winter 2019
Imagine a boy born in the 1950s, raised in the humble surroundings of Indiana. Imagine that boy fifty years on, evolved into the most recognisable and universal symbol of unity on the planet.
• Fall/Winter 2019
Let me remind you of the etymological origin of the word ‘person’, which has been adopted almost unchanged from the Latin ‘persona’ by the European languages. ‘
• Fall/Winter 2019
The Versace Man Fall-Winter 2019 collection reflects on the modern concept of man and on an idea of masculinity that pushes the boundaries and breaks the rules of menswear by challenging notions and stereotypes.
• Autumn/Winter 2019
Gucci and the city of Arles are pleased to announce that the Cruise 2019 fashion show will take place on the ancient site of Alyscamps on May 30th, 2018.
Prada Men’s Fall/Winter 2018 fashion show transmits the idea of its multiple identities. Just like in a warehouse, everything is catalogued and stored. All have its own identity through the I.D. code and label, making the theme of the entire collection both simple yet complex.
The challenge of the disciplinary power is to impose a precise identity on the subject. This operation is carried out placing the subject inside binary fixed categories, as the normal/abnormal one, with the specific intent of classifying, controlling and regulating the subject.