Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua


  • January 23, 2015
  • 5,970

Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua. A new explosion of Italian-style freshness.


Audacious and ultra-contemporary, that is the Fendi style  In perfect balance with traditional craftsmanship and innovation, Fendi fashion and fragrances create a singular alchemy of line and material.  

The kind of extreme refinement where luxury, the art of living and innovation combine together in that inimitable Italian way. The ultimate expression of this style, Fan di FENDI Pour Homme is now   subtly evolving into another luminous, fresh and aromatic fragrance, Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua.



The Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua universe

This new fragrance opens another chapter in the Fendi man’s story.   But although the elegance of his style remains identical whatever the circumstance, the decor is no longer the same.    

After the crowds and the success, the curtain has fallen. He has left the stage. It’s time for escape, for the sheer bliss of flying off to some sunny spot in paradise. A universe with an architectural aesthetic, sophisticated and stylish, set in the middle of turquoise Italian seas. 


Somewhere between sea and sky, a stroke of blue light dazzles the eye and the charm starts to operate … Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua like a refreshing breeze, synonymous with all the freedom of an Italian escapade.  

Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua is just like the man himself, simultaneously elegant, sophisticated and relaxed. And it’s irresistibly fresh, like taking a sensuous dive into a deep blue ocean. 


The bottle

That is the Fendi spirit… 

Powerful, timeless and sober, hovering between charm and virility, the Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua bottle is still that graphic and instantly recognizable block of glass.  The perfect ergonomic and easy-to-use design of the spray cap and the contrasting dark grey and horizon blue colours are very masculine.

The juice, shaded in the blue hues of the South Seas, shimmers through the legendary Fendi Forever square buckle in grey surlyn. The light surges out like a wave of freshness. A hymn to the brand, the grey box displays its words in blue… Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua.


The Fragrance

Fresh, aromatic, energizing and chic, Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua has been developed by François Demachy, Director of Olfactory Development at LVMH Fragrances, in collaboration with the perfumers Delphine Lebeau-Krowiak and Benoist Lapouza. This new olfactory creation boosts the fresh Italian notes in the Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Eau de Toilette.


The first vibrant citrus notes fly away on a gust of wind…A very Mediterranean freshness invades the atmosphere; Lavender, generous Bergamot and Lemon from Italy seize hold of the emotions. And then that Italian charm starts to operate once again… 

The aromatic heart beats to the rhythm of virile Sage and plunges you into a very manly universe spiked with Pink Peppercorn from Reunion Island and Cardamom. 

Musk teams with Cedar wood in the background for a fresh-woody and sophisticated signature that is both sensual and refined. 

Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua vigorously combines manliness with an explosive aromatic freshness for the elegant and racy man.  



The Campaign

Mark Ronson, the English musician, composer and producer, has established himself as one of the music world’s most popular personalities. He reflects Fendi’s brand of manliness to perfection. Seductive and stylish with natural dash and elegance, he is the embodiment of the iconic Fendi man. 

The show is over, the curtain has fallen. The Fan di FENDI Acqua man has escaped from the noise and the crowds. 

He is on an Italian escapade, with a casual chic attitude… Mark Ronson strikes a pose in a refined, impeccably cut and fitted white suit. Evolving in an outstanding setting, his luminous and ultra-contemporary silhouette stands out against a blue ocean and blue swimming pool background.  In an archetypal Mediterranean universe somewhere between sea and sky, the house is a block of whiteness, pure, graphic and architectural like the bottle…