Bulgari Man Rain Essence


  • July 20, 2023
  • 5,150


Nature is full of wonders and as such, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Bulgari Man Collection. Continuing its immersive journey to uncover the deepest connection between man and the natural world that surrounds him, Bulgari explores the regenerative energy of the element of Water, capturing the transformative power of Rain. 

Like that magical moment when the last raindrop falls and everything looks different, Bulgari Man Rain Essence is an invitation to experience the all-changing and creative force of this natural phenomenon through a fresh, invigorating and mineral signature.


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A smell. A sound. An essential source of life. A sign that something is about to change. Not merely a natural phenomenon bringing renewal and regeneration through the essence of Water, rain is the immersive feeling that allows every man to instinctively perceive the shifts and movements of nature, to experience how everything comes in motion and - once it comes to an end - to brace for new beginnings. Its pervasive force runs through the sky, the trees and even the soil, it touches every living being and man himself, who can feel how its dynamic power and shaping energy flows within him. Because nature is alive, and this life is its bond with man. 

The intriguing smell, the unmistakable soft and rhythmic sound followed by silence, the energizing sensation when it falls on the skin and the feeling it leaves when it is over. Focusing on the universal and multisensory experience that rain represents across different cultures and seasons, Bulgari offers its very own interpretation of the element of Water, one that uncovers all its transformative, regenerative and lively essence.



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Deeply intertwined with the history of humanity, rain has been associated with momentous events and beneficial effects such as fertility and rebirth. Even nowadays, rain continues to accompany the life and history of men by bringing nature into motion, inaugurating new seasons and introducing a new equilibrium. It comforts the mind with its peaceful sound, offering a moment to gather new energies.  

Whatever its association or symbology, this emotion-awaking phenomenon always leaves its mark, with a trail of liberating change, transformation and inner movement. Inspired by the rain’s revitalizing force, men naturally feel in their element, ready to embrace change and be an active part of it.  

Alberto Morillas, the Master Perfumer behind the Bulgari Man Fragrance Collection, captured the anticipation, the thrill and the lively trail of rain in an olfactive crescendo.  Powerful yet essential like rain, Bulgari Man Rain Essence is a fresh woody musk signature with a transparent and fizzy trail, a fragrance whose strength is expressed by a powerful minerality recalling the transparency of this regenerative natural element.

Upon opening, an apparent quietness announces that something is about to happen. The sky changes color, the air is different, more vibrant. And suddenly, a lively smell - releasing the energizing aroma of green tea and the sparkling freshness of orange essence - makes a revelation: it is coming. Calmness infused with exciting suspense. The first drops are about to fall.


At heart, the fragrance exudes the pure intensity of the momentum. Drop by drop, rain relentlessly sculpts and permeates every surface, awakening nature and its indomitable energies through the transparent white lotus accord and the elegant and incredibly modern charisma of crystal musks accord. All its creative and vital force is now perceptible through vegetal and watery notes, dripping onto the skin one by one.

And it is precisely when fully immersed in this pure energy flow, that everything changes. The rain has passed, but the power it left – and unleashed - has not. Man has intensely experienced the restoring force of nature, he brims with new vigor and strength: like the wet and regenerated environment, he feels revitalized by the masculine and deep mineral amber and guaiac wood notes of the dry down. Rain has uncovered the inexhaustible vitality that is in him.  










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Rain “shapes” nature. Likewise, the Bulgari Man Rain Essence bottle appears to be sculpted by a fluid energy that generates unpredictable reflections and an essential, refined appeal.

The elegant silver sheen and captivating mirror effect of the cap, reminiscent of the mirroring aspect of a water drop, tops the transparent glass bottle, which in turn boasts a light reflective dimension, evoking the clear and fresh feel of the fragrance. 

An ode to the creative force of rain, the bottle captures the inspiring duality of the natural phenomenon in its interplay between movement and simplicity, invigorating freshness and comforting strength, monumental shapes and essential, luminous touches. 

And to elevate the whole experience, the outer silver-brushed packaging is refined by an embossed rain effect, for a visual and tactile – in addition to olfactive – immersion into the vital world of Bulgari Man Rain Essence.