Gaysorn the COCOON

• The Iconic Outdoor Bar


  • February 20, 2023
  • 6,157

Experience the ultimate in modern urban lifestyle with Gaysorn Village, the first and only luxury urban oasis in Thailand. Not only is it a collection of world-renowned luxury fashion brands, but it also offers a wide variety of top-notch restaurants and bars.

Recently, Gaysorn Village has launched 'the COCOON - the Iconic Outdoor Bar', a new hangout spot that creates a sense of community for like-minded individuals. This new destination, located in the heart of the city, offers a unique 'Izakaya Vibes' experience with a true Japanese atmosphere. Whether it be Draft Birru, Japanese Highballs, Chūhai, Japanese Spirits and Japanese Izakaya Cocktails specially crafted for this event such as Ronin, Ninja and Anime, served with authentic Izakaya style food including grilled Yakitori, Kushiyaki, Irori Grill prepared by experienced chefs and bartenders, experience the best of Japanese drinks and food from Kyouki By Bambule. Amidst a relaxed atmosphere accompanied by lively songs that reflect the culture of sitting in an Izakaya in the traditional Japanese style, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the experience of leisurely unwinding after work.


Another special feature of ‘the COCOON - the Iconic Outdoor Bar’ is the collaboration with two well-known Japanese Izakaya legends, JUA, a restaurant and bar specializing in Kushiyaki or skewered grilled meats, served in a tapas style, blending Japanese and Korean flavors, presented by Chef Chet Adkins, an avid lover of Japanese cuisine and experienced in making Japanese food from various countries. The chef brings in experiences from various countries and adjusts them to play with the flavors, making JUA's Izakaya menu not like traditional Japanese dishes, but with a charm that comes from combining authentic Japanese flavors with international cuisine in a harmonious way. The restaurant's highlight dishes include grilled seafood, particularly the 'Durian Butter Prawn' where the prawns are wrapped in fermented durian basil butter. The chef was inspired by his travels to different countries and created this unique dish using traditional Malay tempoyak method of fermenting durian. The dish does not have an overwhelming durian smell. Including menu skewers of grilled skewers such as 'Tsukune' or 'Meatball', which are made from minced chicken mixed with red egg yolk and salt, and have a soft and chewy texture with a smoky flavor from the tender bones. Topped with a special sauce made by the restaurant that gives it a crispy texture. Also included is 'Thigh Leek' which is chicken thigh cut into


skewers, grilled with teriyaki sauce and Leek which has a sweet taste and a special scent. Or the menu 'Wing' which is chicken wing cut into skewers, grilled with a fragrant wood charcoal. And 'Asparagus' which is asparagus soaked in a streaky pork marinade for more than a week and then grilled with tamarind sauce which makes the fragrance permeates into the pork meat.


Another Izakaya Kenji's Lab, a modern Izakaya style restaurant that has been around for more than 10 years, owned by Chef Kenji Nakayama. Chef Kenji's passion for cooking has been reflected in every detail of the food, as if it were a work of art, resulting in the excellence of the food's quality in terms of ingredients and taste. The menu is diverse, ranging from authentic Japanese dishes to fusion Western cuisine, allowing everyone to explore and find their favorite food and drink pairings without limitations. One of the standout menu items at Kenji's Lab is the 'Smoked Sanma Pacific Saury,' which is made by cleaning the fish and curing it in a special brine overnight. The fish is then dried in the sun for 3-4 hours using cedar wood, before being served with dill to add a slight tang to the dish. This dish pairs well with the Johannes Zillinger Parcellaire #1 or White Cuvee bio-dynamic wine for a truly elevated dining experience. Next up is the popular menu item 'Grilled Beef Tongue', which is grilled over charcoal and seasoned with simple salt and Thai pepper. The meat is sliced into thin, long pieces that are not too thick or too thin, and served with lemon for added flavor. It pairs well with the 'Clos du Tue Boeuf Vin Rouge 2020' wine, which is made using natural fermentation methods from the Loire region in France. To finish off, the 'Gyoza Pot Sticker' dumplings filled with minced pork and flavors that are well balanced from the pan-fried dough that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and topped with a crispy fried dough base. It is served beautifully and pairs well with the 'Wabi Sabi Space' drink.


Kyouki By Bambule, the Thai-Japanese restaurant, is proud to unveil its new menu crafted by executive chef Patrick Martens. The menu features a unique blend of traditional Japaneses prepared on a special Irori-Gril grill, including popular dishes such as Chicken Karaage, Tako Wasabi, and Salada. Including food enthusiasts who love Thai-style Japanese food such as Spicy Salmon Salad and traditional dishes such as 'Patrick San's Batta Rice', as well as dishes such as Black Cod with Miso and sakura ebi Teriyaki Pork Ribs, and special dishes such as 'Kyouki Special' where there is a fun element in 'Ask the Chef' for everyone to enjoy surprise dishes that the chef has prepared every day.



Experience the extraordinary at 'the COCOON - the Iconic Outdoor Bar' in the heart of Bangkok, with a Japanese-style atmosphere. This special event runs from today until February 25th, 2023 every Monday through Saturday (closed on Sundays) from 5pm to 12am at The COCOON, G Floor, Gaysorn Village. You can enjoy special menu from Kyouki By Bambule every day, and for JUA every Thursday (except February 9th), and for Kenji's Lab every Tuesday to Thursday. Follow for more information and fun activities at the COCOON: Facebook/GaysornVillage and Instagram/thecocoon_gaysornvillage.