• Spring/Summer 2019


  • February 1, 2019
  • 24,080

Sumptuous skin in continual experimentation tell a story of Italian beauty and excellence, Interchanging masculine and feminine and between the brand’s iconic style, evocative of a joyful, modern lifestyle.

A refined wardrobe, feeling special on weekends and busy work days alike, moving with style wherever, whenever. The finest leather cut by inimitable craftsmen are hand worked crochet style in a creative atelier working on the elegance of lightness.


Almost impalpable, the leather of the Xtra Light Trench moulds itself on the body, the nappa and suede trouser suits as fluid as their colours. Two-tone side stripes on sartorial-streetstyle trousers, waxed thread saddle stitching and exceptional crocheted topstitching on luxuriously textured double-breasted jackets, bombers and trench coats. A perfect marriage of tradition and innovation.


Leather achieves its highest craft expression when it transforms the iconic tasselled edges into wispy feathers that float onto the couture trench, moccasins, sandals and Gommino models



A statement of confident, self-assured femininity, every step a seduction with the luxurious new finishes. The exquisite crafting of fringes, transformed into feathers gives a romantic feel to the Gommino models, moccasins and sandals whose ankles they adorn. Embroidered trimmings and maxi-tassels proffer the luxury touch to rope-soled moccasin and Gommino



Four hearts sewn on top of one another like a crest create a new style for the Gommino. While the DoubleT, in two-tone leather, signatures the timeless purity of the open sandal. 



Buckets Now in a DoubleT version and a modern saddlery style, its soft and unexpected lines oozing seduction.

D-Bag The latest declination of Tod’s iconic bag is revisited in a modern key in both construction and proportion. An interpretation bringing new, contemporary movement to an already impressive style.



The Man who accompanies the Tod’s Woman shares her lifestyle, her passion for beauty and her creativity. A man used to working and travelling, he moves with lightweight baggage and a wardrobe he can mix around to suit all day, every day. The superb quality of the materials used and the perfection of detailing make him recognizable to those who share his tastes and style and notice the signs in common, which form a code.


A dialogue bringing together masculine and feminine in a splendid and international Italianity, known worldwide as Italian Style.