• Fall/Winter 2019


  • September 27, 2019
  • 17,284

The Prada Men’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection can be described as a Romantic-Pop Vision: the tension between the human sensitivity and the dangerous roughness of life.


This duality is exemplified by the idea of a young misfit who wants to show his real self, a Frankenstein creature who represents the rejected, but also romance, hope, poetry and love.



Military influences are featured with traditional shapes, precision tailoring and pocket details. Outfits are sculpted with belts to create sleek, form-fitting looks. Padded nylon is paired up with classic fabrics and shapes. Backpacks, always in padded nylon, are also important and metaphorically represent one’s own personal baggage.





Prints show exaggerated romantic symbols mixed with pop cartoon symbols, like broken hearts, roses, Frankenstein, lightning and other references which are an ironic and kitschy touch inspired by science fiction movies. 



Classic fabrics include silk, wool gabardine, cashmere, kid mohair, a mohair/alpaca blend, nylon, tela tecnica pro, embroidered cotton, English formal fabrics such as Prince of Wales, and pinstripes. Part of the knitwear is handmade.