• Spring/Summer 2018


  • March 19, 2018
  • 40,934


Bottega Veneta is writing the next chapter of the Art of Collaboration with a disruptive new digital-first ad campaign created with renowned agency Baron & Baron.


Titled Reflections, the Spring/Summer 2018 campaign embraces moving images as its core. Envisioned as an anthology series, six distinct and deeply cinematic and films, directed by Fabien Baron, will be released episodically throughout the season via multiple platforms and partners. These narrative episodes will become a beacon for immersive and innovative mobile-first storytelling.




The Art of Collaboration, conceived by Creative Director Tomas Maier in 2001, was a great success, highlighting a storied relationship with artists. As the next chapter unfolds, the focus will return to Bottega Veneta itself, with a communication platform that reinforces the brand’s own “initials” more relevantly for today’s customer. Just as the original Art of Collaboration broke ground by engaging fine-art photographers to push the boundaries of fashion advertising, this new concept sets a unique precedent in luxury storytelling. “We have always told stories about our products and our brand,” says Maier. “The evolution of the Art of Collaboration enables us to reach and have a dialogue with the customer on his or her own terms.”


In its new form, the Art of Collaboration will rely on a team of collaborators instead of a single creative voice to translate the vision of Tomas Maier. The remarkable talents working with Maier include Fabien Baron, who directed the films, Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Philippe Le Sourd, renowned set designer Stefan Beckman and record-producer and composer Johnny Jewel who scored the original soundtrack for the six films and trailer.





For this season and those to come, the short films will unfold in the style of an anthology series—with different narratives and characters that cohere under a singular aesthetic vision, established by Reflections. That vision is woven from the brand pillars: Mystery, Sophistication, Architecture, Sensuality and Surrealism.


After having revealed the first two films, Miraggio and 196.6 MHz, Bottega Veneta now presents Utopia and Rebirth. In Utopia, a man and woman cross paths in the midst of a mysterious pink fog. The film represents the idealistic world and the dreamy but charged potential of a moment when two people cross in on the street. Rebirth is about the reversal of time. It takes place in a warmly lit room where the motionless characters create a beautiful unspoken connection through the movement of light and objects. The thousands of flowers represent the rebirth of life, a dreamy state of nostalgic memories and the naiveté of childhood.