BLACKBARRETT by Neil Barrett


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  • June 25, 2018
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BLACKBARRETT by Neil Barrett launches the active collection in accordance with Football World Cup. Integrated with graphic design, the style of the collection is sport modern while the patterns are inspired by the ball and goal net. The distinction of this collection is the match of the color of white on black and dark blue.



For silhouette, most of them are basics with a twist; including windbreaker with an attached lanyard, shorts over leggings. Apart from this, there are all-over printed basics; such as tees, sweater and sweatpants.



BLACKBARRETT by Neil Barrett matches contrast colors of blue and black with white graphic lines. So, there they are; the classic collection with a twist - futuristic print and pattern. The sporty men out there do not miss it! This collection is designed especially for you, for both convenience and movement. Last but not least, the design team experimented with the active fits to expand the line with some contemporary oversized volumes to connect with Football World Cup and upcoming fashion trends.





BLACKBARRETT by Neil Barrett

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