• Gel-Kayano Trainer Knit

BY Staff writer Four

  • March 24, 2017
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The legend is back. Harkening a rebirth, an icon returns to life. AN ICON IS REBORN in 2017.This month, ASICS Tiger unveils the Rebirth of an Icon in its new Spring-Summer 2017 global campaign. The iconic GEL-KAYANO TRAINER shoe, a mainstay of the GEL series featuring shock-absorbing GEL cushioning, will be re-introduced with new technology and a knit fabric as the GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT, making its grand entrance in the world of sneakers.




The GEL-KAYANO TRAINER debuted in 1993 as ASICS Tiger’s flagship performance and running shoe. A distinctive tongue-and-upper mono sock structure and the ASICS stripe on the side were the hallmarks of the model. The GEL-KAYANO TRAINER shoe was hugely popular among sneaker fans all over for its high-tech performance-improving design of the 1980s and 90s coupled with a unique beetle motif design. Today, more than 20 years since its introduction, the GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT is reborn with new technology, marking a new stage for ASICS Tiger.




The GEL-KAYANO TRAINER’S upper design knit fabric makes its debut while the original distinctive rubber ASICS stripe accentuates the minimalist look of the GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT’s monotone upper. The knit of each individual part varies, and the soft texture lends itself not only to the design but also strengthens the hold for a more comfortable fit. A smooth silhouette combining both function and design evokes a mode sense.