• Spring/Summer 2018

BY Kerorina

  • May 29, 2018
  • 6,440

The ability to exchange stories makes us human. We live in a jumble of overlapping narratives, some deep and sustaining, others fragmentary, truncated, or incomplete. If storytelling is the root of all communication, the manner in which we choose to tell them – abstract and complex or simple and direct – is significant.



A fashion show is a story told in an architectural space: a story in a story. Miuccia Prada presents fragments of unfinished stories in her Prada Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show. Its diametrically opposed points of departure are virtual reality and comics, technology and humanness. The result is a cheerful, lighthearted but above all simple collection with an instinctive need for normality and the rediscovery of humanity. 



The models and spectators are totally immersed in an architecture revealing stories drawn by the clean lines of a pencil. These different realities and possible future worlds become naïf prints borrowed from illustrations by Ollie Schrauwen and James Jean.





Nylon (Prada's iconic fabric) and cotton (a simple textile by definition) are the predominant materials of the collection. The silhouette is also sleek and clean.



White, black and red alternate with pastels, which are found in the illustrations of the hall and in the prints. The color combination of white, black and red is a clear reference to the "New Wave" period (a musical movement that developed between the late seventies and the early eighties of the 20th century, as a direct descendant of punk rock. During this period, the desire for renewal was expressed through a style based on very classic pieces).


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