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Men’s Ready-to-Wear
Hear the call of the wild. This collection combines the ease of urban outfits, the outdoor spirit of trekking and the patterns that arise from nature’s energy. Men today stand for a new relationship with elegance – one the integrates the sensibility of natural textures. Ever purs...
• Spring/Summer 2017
This Men’s Spring/Summer collection is inspired by the volume of a 1940s silhouette.Dark saturated shades of green, grey and brown, burgundy and purple are set against neutrals such as stone and plaster.
• Spring/Summer 2017
• Spring/Summer 2017
Who decides when a piece is fully completed? It is its author, in the exact moment in which he believes that his intentions have been fully achieved, even if that implicates the partial and deliberate incompleteness of some parts, the exposure of the draft, the giving up the conc...
• Spring/Summer 2017
Africa, as the home of modern civilization, is the inspiration for Louis Vuitton’s Spring – Summer 2017 collection. It is also a metaphor – of a return to roots, to heritage, to formative influences to the blueprint. Asserting your identity.
• Spring/Summer 2017
HERMĒS MEN READY-TO-WEAR 2017 SPRING-SUMMER COLLECTION Miscellany of Lightness, Quintessential Vêtement-Objet, Colour Euphoria, Playful Overlapping, Changing Effects, Micro-Patterns, Tie-Dye.
• Fall/Winter 2016
A Jacques-Henri Lartigue image – a stack of Louis Vuitton trunks, shadowed by the Tour Eiffel formed the jumping-off point for the Fall 2016 Louis Vuitton menswear collection. “This season I was inspired by Paris – old and new,’ says Kim Jones, Men’s Artistic Director of Louis Vu...