• Fall/Winter 2019
The Prada Men’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection can be described as a Romantic-Pop Vision: the tension between the human sensitivity and the dangerous roughness of life.
27.09.19 11,323
• Autumn/Winter 2019
At the core of what we are doing at Burberry is a passion for the house to become an identity and a lifestyle – one that transcends barriers and is inclusive to all.This campaign explores the many facets of British culture and how they coexist. Together, Danko and Nick celebrate the importance of self-expression and identity through their own disti...
05.09.19 10,960
• Fall/Winter 2019
Let me remind you of the etymological origin of the word ‘person’, which has been adopted almost unchanged from the Latin ‘persona’ by the European languages. ‘
28.08.19 13,129